Personal Protection In the Home

This course requires we meet individually first to be evaluated on your gun handling and ability to shoot on target. It is suggested that the Basic Pistol session/class be taken first if you are brand new to firearms.

$175.00 PER Visit

PPIH Training will consist of classroom and live fire drills.


This our primary focus at NWHA. By learning the parts of the gun, the fundamentals of handling a firearm, the 4 basic safety rules, and a lot of commonsense, we will instill how important this aspect of owning a firearm is for you and your family members.

Mental Preparation

Being prepared mentally for all situations is another key factor of gun ownership and for above all carrying concealed. It’s a true commitment. We will cover this aspect in detail. If you are not ready and willing to use your gun, then leave it at home…. Or better yet, don’t buy one!

Developing Defense Shooting Skills

Once the above points are covered and demonstrated, you will learn to confidently shoot your gun. Trigger and breath control, front sight alignment as well as grip and stance will covered in the classroom and at the range using proven life fire drills.

Strategies for Home/Personal Safety

Making the right decisions through situational awareness will become second nature. Knowing how to anticipate a bad situation before it happens will keep you safe. My goal is to instruct how keep you out of a situation so that you don’t have to use your gun…. ever.

Firearms, Self-Defense and the LAW

What’s the right gun for you? Come to NW Handgun Academy to learn what firearm is right for you based on how you’ll be using it, your hand size and strength and abilities. We also will cover by law, what you can and cannot do with a gun for self defense and what to expect from the law if you use your gun…. Like I said, it’s a big commitment.


Learn to Protect yourself and your family SAFELY! Contact us today.

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