Learn to Protect Yourself and your Family

Expert handgun training in the Portland, Oregon area.

Sound Fundamentals and Safety

We Offer Targeted One on One Firearms Training and Education.

One on One Sessions

One on One Sessions

Hourly sessions to work on specific needs you may have.This is a great option for those who don’t like classes. My time is your time!


Couple and Trio Sessions

Bring a friend, husband and wife, family members, all are welcome to learn at your speed the fundamentals of safe and proficient firearms handling.


Personal Protection (Home)

Learn how to protect yourself at home through training with both classroom and live fire drills.

Personal Consultation

Come to us before you buy your first gun! We can offer guidance on what to buy based upon your needs and experience and where to find a trusted gun dealer.


Having this knowledge will breed the confidence you will need to protect yourself and your loved ones when it matters most!

“Taking shooting lessons from Barney gave me the confidence I needed to own and shoot my gun. He has the qualities that every good instructor should have . He  has  knowledge to share from his his own experiences, the   patience needed for new students to be comfortable with a firearm and skills to teach while providing a safe environment.”

Nadine H

“I met Barney after I purchased a semi automatic pistol.  I wanted to learn how to safely handle firearms and also learn and perfect the skills required for safe and accurate shooting. In short, Barney is a great teacher.  Whether you are a first time gun owner or have firearms experience, you will definitely benefit from  Barney’s instruction.”
Herb S.
“Barney is an invaluable instructor and mentor in learning the safety, mechanics, handling, and purchasing of a firearm.  He is knowledgeable, intuitive, and patient.  Having Barney as an instructor has been one of the best investments for me and my family.  If you are considering purchasing your first firearm, or if you need a refresher, do not call anyone else.  Out of a five-star rating, I give him a ten!”
Brenda A.
“After purchasing my first firearm I was looking for one-on-one training in order for me to build my confidence in handling and owning  a firearm.  Barney has provided clear and supported individual training to me with a natural progression of skill and tasks from loading, safe-handling, firing, cleaning, and the in-and-outs of being at a range.  He has been attentive in identifying my strengths and gaps alike and adjusts my training accordingly. (i.e. he doesn’t just click through a checklist)   He’s very experienced and knowledgeable without being arrogant and this shines through in a thoughtful, ‘real world’ direct approach in his instruction.”
Jennie W. 
“There aren’t enough adjectives to describe the skilled training I have received from Barney during my sessions with him (knowledgeable, qualified, expert, and fun are a few!). Barney strikes the perfect balance of taking the training seriously while keeping things upbeat and fun. I’ve gone from a “never-having-held-a-gun-before, freaked-out novice” to a confident and safe gun owner who can competently handle, maintain, and store a firearm.  Thanks, Barney – for the laughs as well as the expert guidance!”
Becky O.
“We have been working with Barney at NW Handgun Academy for three months now. When my wife first started lessons, she was very apprehensive but now feels very comfortable with her handgun.
Barney has also helped me to refine my shooting technique with semi automatic pistols. He is very patient instructor and a positive person. We highly recommend training with with Barney at NW Handgun Academy!”
Doug and Misty H.
“Barney is a highly knowledgeable instructor! I immediately vibed with him and could tell he cares about teaching you how to safely use your weapon of choice. I’ve been working with Barney for a couple of months and his steady coaching is on-point. My confidence level jumped ten fold and I’m well on my way to knowing how to protect myself.
He’s the real deal.”
Brette D.


Learn to Protect yourself and your family SAFELY! Contact us today.

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