Firearm Fundamentals

At NW Handgun Academy, gun safety and proper fundamentals of firearms handling are what we teach and are the building blocks to becoming a safer and more proficient shooter and responsible handgun owner.

These videos cover very important topics and are just the tip of the iceberg of what we review in our sessions. After watching these videos, if you want to proceed with training click below to book some time with me.

Here are a few important topics that I cover in my training sessions pulled from various instructors on YouTube that I felt were worth watching:

Gun cleaning – using “Ballistol” CLP

Gun cleaning is an often overlooked step in maintaining your guns reliability and performance. Much like changing the oil in your car, or eating right and exercising, proper cleaning and lubing your firearm (handgun or rifle) will give you long-lasting performance for years to come.

This video explains the use of a CLP that I use called “Ballistol”. If used regularly, it eliminates the need for solvents that are toxic and harmful to the environment and your hands, cleaning area and parts of the gun that are sensitive to its corrosive properties. It Cleans, Lubes, and Protects your gun in one single step, thus saving time as well.

Proper grip using a handgun

One of the very first things we teach at NW Handgun Academy is proper grip. Along with a proper stance, trigger and breath control it is a necessary fundamental step needed to having a confident, comfortable and consistent shooting experience.

It is very important to be confident while shooting a handgun. Using this grip technique will instill that confidence and the consistency you need….. much like proper grip (and stance) is needed for a consistent golf swing…

Breath and trigger control

These two pieces of proper shooting fundamentals go hand in hand. Controlled breathing along with a smooth pull or squeeze of the trigger will limit muzzle movement. Minimizing muzzle movement will keep your gun on target. In this video, you will see a snapshot of the techniques we teach here at NW Handgun Academy.

You hear a term called “dry fire” in this video. Dry fire is a great way to learn your guns trigger break and reset so that when you are training at the range and target shooting, you won’t be surprised at when the gun goes bang! Learning and knowing your EDC or home defense firearm will provide you shooting confidence.

The Safety Rules

Without question or debate, this is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING I teach. These rules are broken daily and are the reasons while there are so many accidental accidents or handgun deaths They aren’t in the news and no one speaks about them, they happen every single day and the sad part is they CAN BE PREVENTED!

Owning a handgun is a huge responsibility… It’s a commitment not only where protecting yourself and your family, but also in making sure these unfortunate incidents don’t happen. They are rules to live by if you own and carry a handgun. At NW Handgun Academy I review these several times a class and if violated while in class, (you get one very stern warning) your session is over! It’s that important!

Safe gun storage

Another very important safety tip that all gun owners should follow. Not only to keep your guns from getting stolen but to prevent your firearms from getting into children in your home. PLEASE DO THIS!