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At NW Handgun Academy Safety and Training, it’s all about educating people on the importance of responsible gun ownership. LEARN BY DOING! Experience proper handling and safety through proven methods which provide knowledge one cannot gain on their own or watching video!

“We give new clients the confidence to safely defend and protect themselves and their family.”.

Having this knowledge will breed the confidence you will need to protect yourself and your loved ones when it matters most!

Certified Instructor

About Barney

NW Handgun Academy about Barney Ballestrazze

Barney Ballestrazze – Certified Instructor NRA 229057753 – USCCA 659127

Born and living in the SF Bay Area most of my adult life, most of my earlier career was  in the corporate Telecom and IT field. I spent 20+ years working for various large companies such as Pacific Bell and Charles Schwab where I supported the client base and their computer systems. I reinvented myself the first time 15 years ago when I decided to go into the auto industry. Being a car guy, the role of car salesman came naturally to me and I was successful almost instantly. I loved selling Audi and Porsche and everything that came with it. It was fun for a long time.

“What I enjoy most is being able to actually show a new gun owner that’s never even held a gun before that owning a firearm doesn’t have to be scary or intimidating”.

After moving to Oregon 8 years ago and continuing my career in cars up here, I also was able to become more involved with firearms and shooting. (Those ridiculous California Laws were not conducive to the sport of shooting that I loved or having a CHL) and our new home here provided more opportunities to explore the sport of shooting and owning and collecting many different types of firearms. 
During my brief stint in Real Estate and getting more and more involved in training friends, neighbors and relatives to shoot, I decided to get my Oregon Handgun License for protection showing homes. I also wanted some professional firearms training through the NRA so that I could open a firearms academy of my own someday in order to provide the NRA firearms training I learned so much from to others. I felt it was important to train and educate responsible people on proper handgun fundamentals and how to own and handle a gun safely.


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